Let the Thais do everything new the branch king decided first and decided to convert a small town of fishermen in their new residence the bellicose neighbors had made its until then very dear capital a field of ruins.

So the gods were invoked and the appeased spirits suggestions were exchanged no efforts were saved and they were devised big plans the wise prophesied a golden future a residence of the gods saw even a capital of the world to this world government headquarters it was also given a new name breaks down with never heard him no it is surprising beyond borders nationals the new metropolis follows being known under its old name.

Well, that’s it so welcome to you for your officially abbreviated bangkok still carries the longest name in everyone for a capital by more than 20 million visitors in 2016 bangkok has won the first place in the list of most visited cities with a marked difference in front of London and Paris.

The Wat Arun, so-called Starting of the Indian God of Dawn is the symbol of bangkok and the temple more famous from thailand. It is decorated with floral motifs of shells and Chinese porcelain a total of more than a million pieces.

Wat ArunTo preserve the splendor of the temple these mosaics should be polished and the revoke renewed every ten years tied this must take place
manually in its tail in the restoration we employ very traditional very simple methods the white plaster mortar consists of ground and burned sandstone and is more durable than any modern paint dry in a few minutes is washable and barely affected by rain and moisture is technical requires a lot time and it’s expensive that’s why it just it is used for the restoration of royal temple.

The dream of a custom metropolis of transit by car for a whole century Bangkok was planned and paved almost exclusively for traffic motorized individual currently you can cross the center of the city in three lines with train elevated or subway in the capital of Thailand there is no better possibility of going bird in a way fast stress free and safe the metropolitan area of ​​bangkok is about once and a half the size of the river area here live longer of 15 million people about three times more than in the largest metropolitan area of Germany well the two lines of the sky train run from as similarly reliable way as the trains in switzerland- compared to the chaos of the streets of bangkok are a kind of parallel universe practically a world of cleaning aseptic and perfectly organized punctual with cold air system air conditioning and waxed granite dirtying is forbidden to eat and drink too the flaw of this system is that it is still too small for this gigantic metropolis with a plot length of 36 kilometers and a capacity for about 700,000 passengers per day

An aircraft graveyard in the center banking or here lie the frames scrapped from several planes from short distance aircraft up to a jumbo. it is not an official museum or no destination that really is for tourists but the grounds are in private hands and therefore can be visited for an amount of about five euros originally the investor had planned that in these remains lived a gastronomic experience or will sell the Aircraft parts to the highest bidder But it does not work in the travelers guide I still don’t know find this airplane graveyard and most of the inhabitants of bangkok have never been that it is better to look for the exact address in internet and show. it to the taxi driver in a digital map but process the so-called golden buddha temple is much more easy to find

It houses a 700-year-old treasure of antiquity that for a long time was considered lost this statue of founder of the region of plaster decorated with fragments of stained glass that was damaged in 1955 during renovation work so that revealed its content of those five and a half tons and it make up depending on the part of the body of up to 99 percent gold The value of the material is around 300 million euros its symbolic value it is incalculable.

Bangkok goldDirectly behind the temple begins unmistakably chinatown a lot time before they go gogh it became the capital and existed here a great chinese community.

They have preserved their traditions and beliefs to this day like its architecture and its weakness for everything flashy and colorful things like scenery and by the night a blame as in the airport here goes to the pot already the dishes everything you have from two to eight legs except for tables and chairs.

Here one needs a little value but no way a stomach is neededtough to be satisfied. The lively agglomeration in the narrow
sidewalks was not out of the ordinary in the streets of bangkok while the tourists love the locals already have resigned.

Many street vendors do not pay taxes at best according to they say extra official taxes to the police for the military board that governs from 2014 this is a stone in the shoe and in the public funds according to the government in the future the trade should take place within the framework regulated and supervised markets organized have already been cleaned the first streets.

Bangkok street food marketA good midpoint between the chaotic Street food and the sleazy market night is an abundant barbecue thai for about five euros one is served both and as many times as you want and prepare self food on the table at your taste tourists should definitely try more than what is ffered in the typical restaurants for tourists in thailand the ingredients They are fresh and served well roasted or cooked for that reason verything is very hygienic.

I would recommend not to go to the cause in raw or the other neighborhoods for tourists in the small side streets here they are call I am there is real street food something very different from the typical pad thai fried noodles from fresh herring fillet to run more bad for this head chef the Netherlands and his colleagues the kitchen street of thailand even after of years in bangkok is still a source of inspiration for your work diary and in this way the inspiration a fresh shrimp tartare Chili for typical Thai spicy mango for the exotic touch and avocado to prepare a small salad

In the restaurant for société about all if you are proud of the great views when dining on the rooftop terrace at half of the city and the green area more big bangkok meet the feet of the diner lumpini park

The Swan Lumpini or abbreviated Suan Lum is the outdoor training area largest in thailand when the temperatures fall slightly to sunset here you work tirelessly for the body to widen only in the desired places.

Lumpini Park BangkokAnyone can train so spontaneous without prior contract who comes only once pay 50 cents a monthly fee costs about five euros. Body training is completely free in the many other devices of the park and of course perform stretching and running but be careful, run neatly on the indicated track and in counter-clock wise and you have to pay attention to the clock already that every day is done in the park a 40 second stop decreed stately and strictly controlled

That was the national anthem anywhere sound one should stop is often confused with the second Thailand anthem that also stops public life only one of the richest men in the world on October 13, 2016 the world will came down for millions of Thais and these films were made few minutes before the official moment of death of the ninth branch king the monarch male with more years of reign of world until then to the people to a work by their king to whom the people revere much more than at successor but nobody would speak publicly about it since offend your majesty in Thailand is punished with up to 15 years of prison beloved revered idolized the period of duel for the deceased king was set in a year after 70 years on the throne to many thai people think this too little.

Meanwhile public life returns to take your regular course leaving aside the traffic on the streets of course is this is why we chose for the tour from the historic center the modern a means of transport that gets rid of traffic jams the blog boat in the last 100 years they were eliminated almost all channels or clones of banks to build streets in one of the few rain roads that they remained riding motorbikes on line service after long periods of drought the bangkok clones they stink like the canals of venice in midsummer.

Bangkok street boatBut it doesn’t matter to go by boat in the background It is an experience that one should not be lost the canal ride is an excursion for a city that will soon belong to spent in bangkok the most areas listed are those that are fine communicated by the skytrain metro or car using one of the great arteries of the city this does not apply to channel surroundings accordingly land prices here are more moderate and local densification of the zone is slower.

When money talks the world saves silence  When in bangkok it is often built entire neighborhoods have to disappear heritage preservation planning of urbanizations here is also known but here it looks more like a obstacle to the built and we are visiting an area that up now sheltered from the consular district has been able to resist the rise of the construction at least in part.

The starting point of our tour it’s parks men is one of the few private green areas but access city ​​audience is directly next to the quiet street swan plus and to start we go on foot but we choose a means of transport  whose characteristic engine noise has given his name to tutus are a kind of emblematic symbol in thailand the most tourists have  never traveled on a tour and want to do at least one no wonder it’s fun and one enjoy the air unlike the taxi the pipelines do not have metro taxi.

Wat Pho BangkokThe price is often excessive therefore it is best to ask the reception of the hotel to call your club and negotiate a good price in advance it is worth looking back once in a while when the bank floor since there is shows one of the biggest problems of the city bangkok is sinking when you pull the cap of a bathtub full also the balls of styrofoam floating on the water surface. The same happens with Bangkok since huge are extracted quantities of underground drinking water in the second half of the 20th century the growing metropolis sinks to a meter per decade. If I had followed descending at that speed to the big parts of the city today would be below sea level and how can you notice this in the state often perfect from the streets very simple while houses and those private land gradually lose height the street level rises to regular intervals with a new layer asphalt or concrete here it just poured even with heavy rain a few times it gets wet feet in food stores covered street of this alley side of its wide. Unfortunately in this way the problem it only moves since the water seeks its road to other streets or grounds and it ends up flooding the ground floors of adjoining  uildings meanwhile very sunk.

When I opened my tailor shop 27 years ago the wax was much deeper than my shop and the street was very down below over time the street rose almost 70 centimeters like that is almost 40 centimeters taller than the sidewalk wild mountain landscapes and untamed nature this can’t be bank thinks one inevitably but is very wrong it’s true that the rocks are rather modest the most domesticated nature how wild and even the fog that mystically fleet over the lake is not as natural as it seems in the turtle pond everything is real even the strong jaws.

In the middle of the lake a rock rises that seems to melt like a candle the many small buildings are dedicated to the spirits of the deceased are memorial places no temples unlike the bat prime in whose land is the small area green bell-shaped building is what is called a chevy the Thai stupa variant originally buildings of this type they contained a buddha relic but as their number is limited the jedi are mainly a kind of monument religious that symbolizes the founder of religion and its doctrine in life religious daily are places of silent prayer the constructive style in the form of bell is originally from being and white at same as in a burial mound walled vault is not supported by yes alone and this is why usually it is done in a solid way unlike jedi in bat for jung.

It can be entered and pray meditate or present offerings as the gold leaf sheets that stick on the walls or religious objects you can also admire the simple trick that the construction masters used to give stability to the dome so the end of the movie we come back at the beginning of the story the name of the capital.

Bangkok city in this place only 250 years ago there was only a small fishing town with a rather unimaginative name plum grove on the banks of river bank the branch king first decided to build here your new largest residence and more beautiful than anything have known until then and his meaning should already be perceived only in the name many suggestions were gathered and finally they took almost all. I already took the karaoke microphone because now you can join the name song full

This superstar among the names of Cities has 169 letters in Thai without spaces city of angels and of the emerald debuts  mpregnable city of god great capital of the rich world in palaces that resemble home heavenly of the reincarnated god and they were presented by the god indra this would be the short and very free translation of this word monstrosity.

Who would like to memorize it will be recommends this success of the musical group to sunny from 1989 many Thais use it too how memory helps.

The best time for a workout brain musical is probably a ride with the express boat chao praya. The best way to cross  bangkok in north-south direction with spectacular views of the capital with the longest name in the world .