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Three-dimensional printing is done using modern printers that are capable of moving computer-generated drawings into the real world.

Although its origin lies in the industry's need to capture computer-designed prototypes into tangible models, the truth is that their use today is very intense in homes as well. There are many 3D printers on the market and it is very important to inform yourself before buying one, in information sources such as web3d creation, to make a good choice.

And there are printers specially designed to make 3D creations in homes, but there are also 3D printers for businesses and professionals, such as those of the Ultimaker brand. In short, a wide variety of models for individuals and businesses that are able to surprise us by the amount of things that can be created with them.

What you can do with a 3D printer

3D printers can be useful for obtaining very interesting three-dimensional elements for any home or business. If you had to select the most interesting ones would certainly be those shown below:


If the little ones in the house have artistic skills, there's nothing better than a 3D printer to materialize and bring their drawings to the physical world. Children will be able to make their drawings a reality and print them with these types of printers so that they can play with toys that exist only in their imagination. A way to encourage your creativity and awaken your more exploratory side.


UAVs have become one of the most popular items on the market in recent years. Now, thanks to 3D printers and the various models that can be found on the Internet, any 3D printer owner can print out the parts needed to assemble a home-made UAV. The results are amazing and are drones that work easily, saving the cost of buying one and with the possibility to choose the colors or design you prefer.

Smartphone Cases

Protecting our smartphone is vitally important to help make it last longer. If you are tired of buying mobile cases frequently because they deteriorate easily, there is now the possibility to design and print smartphone cases with a 3D printer. A unique case that will protect the smartphone safely.


For plant lovers, nothing is more frustrating than having to use the same vases, pots and pots for all their plants because there is not a wide variety of designs on the market. With 3D printers, it is now possible to design and print those vase models that are in mind to bring a personalized touch to the decoration of the house.


If we continue to talk about decoration, 3D printers are also useful for printing all kinds of candle holder models. Scented or coloured candles deserve an attractive candle holder where they are even more eye-catching. All you have to do is choose or design a nice model and print it. A simple and attractive way to decorate the bathroom or living room.

The demand for 3D printers for households is multiplying

As you can see, 3D printers can produce items for a wide variety of uses and are therefore required by all kinds of households. These printers have seen a sustained and very significant increase in demand in recent years from households around the world, particularly in the United States and Europe. It is estimated that more than 50% of households will soon have their own 3D printer.

The large number of objects and items that can be printed, a very attractive price/performance ratio and the wide variety of 3D printers that some of the world's most recognized brands are taking to the market are some of the reasons for the promising future that these printers have worldwide, both in homes and businesses.

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